Do you want to learn about music? Jim St. Clair thinks our music is quite important for our culture and entertainment. In Inverness the most popular kinds of music are Scottish, jazz, rock, classical and let's not forget country. Our Scottish pipe band is still very active and takes part in our many festivals. We Invernessers have a lot of respect for music.

Music is part of our unique heritage. It has changed quite a lot over the years yet the popularity of the Scottish and Irish tunes has never waned. Songs and tunes that our ancestors brought with them as memories of their native country are still heard today, still quite pleasing, and often soothing to even the youngest of ears.

We have our own music-makers at the Inverness Education Centre. A top-notch music program is offered by Lawerence Cameron and many of his students are talented in Scottish and contemporary music. We are planning a musical play titled ‘The Canada Goose' with staff, students and members of the general public contributing their talents to this very worthwhile undertaking that will be staged in early June. Our goal is to raise funds for a much needed piano for our music department. We are sure it will be a resounding success.

Inverness has always been home to many bands. Various events in our town showcase this talent throughout the year, the support of our town's people is ever present. In the last few years, there has been a resurgence of our Celtic music and now tourists are drawn here from the world over, to listen and learn. The Ceilidh Trail School of Celtic Music, located just two miles north of town, is proof of that, as well as the success of the Ceilidhs held each week, where visitors as well as citizens can take part in a toe-tapping, knee-slapping great time!

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